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Show up as your best self!

When you are invited for a job interview, you want to show up as your best self. While that’s easily said, it’s much harder to do. Nerves, doubts or worries may get in the way. Preparing your interview with a coach can help you perform better.

Do you find job interviews a bit intimidating and stressful? Especially when you are interviewing for your dream job, you may experience a lot of pressure to succeed. Previous experiences can bring about anxiety and fear of failure. Or you may feel uncomfortable with an online video interview because you are afraid not coming across as compelling as you would in person.

Good news for you! Excelling in job interviews is a skill that can be trained and improved.

MDR Happy by Nature offers one-on-one job interview coaching sessions tailored to your specific needs. The goal is to help you deliver an interview that does you justice and gets you the job you deserve. You will learn how to make a great impression, build connection with your potential employer, and to calmly and confidently convince them you are the right person for the job.

Why MDR Happy by Nature?

A job interview coaching session with MDR Happy by Nature goes deeper than a regular job interview training. It is an individual coaching session focused on a wide range of aspects that influence how you will do during the interview. It is based on scientific insights from mental coaching, positive psychology as well as classic interview training. This combination leads to an integrative, holistic approach that will help you deliver tangible results.

What can you expect?

You will learn strategies and tips to prepare for your interview, techniques to apply during the interview, and things you can do to optimize your physical and mental state in the days leading up to the interview.

  • Get in optimal shape before the interview
  • Calm your nerves and reduce stress so that you can be present, creative and confident during the interview
  • Turn around your limiting beliefs and use your strengths and successes to give authentic and compelling answers to interview questions
  • Use verbal and non-verbal communication effectively and build rapport and connection with your potential employer

After the coaching session you receive a digital hand-out with a recap of the session, including a link to further resources.

Online or offline coaching

Online session

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more job interviews take place online over Zoom or Skype. To help you optimally prepare for that, MDR Happy by Nature offers the opportunity to have your job interview coaching session online.

An online job interview coaching session has several advantages:

  • Test and familiarize yourself with the technical aspects. You’ll be able to explore the application used for the interview, to test your audio and video settings and internet connection, and get used to being in front of a camera and microphone and see yourself on screen.
  • You can opt to record the session and play it back at your convenience. By watching a replay, you can review the strategies we discussed. Also, by watching yourself back, you can analyze if you come across the way you want to and identify the areas where you’d like to improve.

Offline coaching session

For an offline job interview preparation session, you have two options:

  • An outdoor coaching session in nature. This option is suited if you want to explore and gain better insight into your motivation, values, qualities and strengths. We use the natural surrounding to explore what drives you and to find symbols that you can use to articulate your talent, skills, and personality. Being in nature can help you find more creative answers to questions about the fit between you and the job.
  • A training in my home office in The Hague. This has the advantage that it is most likely closer to the setting in which you will have the actual interview. It suited if you want to focus on strategies for effective communication, to build rapport and connection and to prepare succinct and compelling answers to interview questions.


A session is 1,5 hours of one-on-one coaching for €95 including VAT.

Regular rate
  • (incl VAT)
  • per session of 1,5 hours

Good to know: for both companies and individuals, the costs for this type of career coaching are deductible.

If you are an individual paying the costs of career coaching yourself, you can deduct these costs, including VAT, as study costs on your income tax returns.

For more info, consult de Belastingdienst (Dutch tax authorities).

What people say

“In preparation for the interview, I consulted Marjolein: a golden idea! With a structured story and self-confidence, I entered the application procedure in good spirits. I eventually got the job, leaving 100 others behind me…”


“This was great, Marjolein! Thank you for an inspiring and fun session!”


“Marjolein is a great listener and connects quickly to the essence. In only one session, she motivated me and reminded me of all the positive energy and capabilities inside me.”


“Marjolein heeft me tijdens de job interview coaching sessie bewust gemaakt van mijn kwaliteiten en kernwaarden, waardoor ik tijdens het sollicitatiegesprek de benodigde rust en het zelfvertrouwen had om succesvol te solliciteren op mijn droombaan.”


Book your online or offline job interview coaching session today and start your journey to becoming the best prepared you can be.

Do you still have questions? Or do you want to know more about the job interview coaching session or MDR Happy by Nature in general? Make an appointment for a free introduction session and to get acquainted.